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How Fast Does A Wake Boat Go?

How Fast Does a Wake Boat Go?

Wake boats are full of power, but they’re not necessarily built for speed. Supra Boats top out around 42mph.

Wake boats are built to pull riders behind them, while creating an optimal wake for wakeboarding or wakesurfing. That’s why they don’t see the top end speed of a jet ski or other watercraft.

Let’s dive into the practical speeds you’d want to know when towing riders.

Wake Boat Speeds Based on Activity


Wakeboard speeds are typically in the 18-23mph range, but it depends on the rider. Kids and beginner wakeboarders can ride a wakeboard as slow as 10mph, but experienced and professional riders typically prefer speeds around 21.5-23.5mph.


Wakesurf speeds are typically around 10 mph-12 mph. That’s the sweet spot for creating a surfable wave.

Important Features of Wake Boats


Wake boats have powerful engines, which give them the torque to pull you out of the water in one smooth motion. The engine in Supra boats are an Indmar 400-450-550 power, but the size engine depends on what you’re looking for in terms of performance and speed.

Smart System

The smart system uses multiple plates to help the boat get up and out on plane quicker for wakeboarding and wakesurfing. This means less time getting up to speed and more time riding!

Top speed is not necessarily a concern when looking at wake boats. You want to pay attention to a boats ability to get on plane quickly, maintain the right speed, and create a stellar wake.